Introduction to Part Three

In Part One of this book I illustrated how Jesus of Nazareth fulfilled all the biblical prophecies concerning the suffering Messiah with His first coming. In Part Two, I listed the biblical prophecies concerning the triumphant Messiah that Jesus will fulfill with His second coming. Here in Part Three, I will show how the Land of Israel and the Jewish people are at the center of God's timing for the end-times events.

Jesus, Paul, and some of the other prophets of the Bible gave signs for Jesus' followers to watch for so that they would know when the end-times were beginning. I will be discussing some of these signs in Chapter 18. However, I believe the Bible makes it clear that all the end-times prophecies revolve around the Jewish presence in the modern state of Israel.

In this section, I will lay down a biblical foundation to support the premise that I am proposing. Chapter 18 will consummate the purpose of this book by showing that we are indeed living on the brink of the last days.

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