Christian Zionism: Christians and the Jews

In 1986 I had the privilege, honor, and blessing of visiting Israel. I have traveled quite a bit in my life but never did I have a spiritual experience like the one I had in Israel. After having read the Bible my heart's desire was to see the Holy Land and I was not disappointed! I hope to be able to take my wife there one day.

As a Christian I fully support the Jew's right to the land of Israel (Eretz Yisrael as they call it). I do not base this support on political or social causes nor on any biblical end-time prophecies. I base this belief on the fact that God, who created the world, specifically gave this land to the Jews. The Bible, which was written ten centuries before Islam ever came into existence, states in several places God's promise to give the land of Israel to the Jews. The following section of scripture passages will illustrate this truth.

It started with God's promise to Abraham in Genesis:

God's promise to give Abraham and his descendants the land of Israel is continued through Abraham's son, Isaac. Abraham also had another son, Ishmael, who is the father of the Arab nations. But you will see that God's promise concerning the land of Israel is to be fulfilled through Isaac. Abraham confirms this just before he dies when he gives all of his possessions to Isaac and not Ishmael:

There was no question in Abraham's mind that Isaac was to be the heir through whom God would fulfill His covenants. God further delineates the family line of succession from Abraham to Isaac to Isaacís son, Jacob:

God tells Jacob that He will fulfill the covenants He made with his fathers through his descendants. Therefore, the promise of the land of Israel will go through Isaacís son Jacob instead of his other son Esau. God also reaffirms the Messianic promise that He will bless the nations of the earth through Jacobís descendants. A little while after this experience, God again visits Jacob and changes his name:

This is the first time in the Bible that the word "Israel" is used. Later, it becomes synonymous with the name of the land where Jacobís descendants dwell. Jacob ends up having thirteen children, twelve sons and one daughter. He names one of his sons "Judah". It is from this word that the appellation "Jew" derives and eventually is applied to all the descendants of Jacob's children.

The parts of these covenants that pertain to the Jews' right to the land of Israel were never abrogated in the New Testament. There were times when God removed the Jews from the land as a punishment for their rebellion but He never stated that He would take the land away from them permanently. His word makes it clear that He alone determines who lives in the land. He tells Moses to warn the Israelites that if they obey Him they will be blessed in the land of Israel. However, if they disobey Him, He will remove them from the land:

Notice in this passage that it is the LORD who scatters the Jews from the land. Later in Israel's history, God removed the Jews from the land for their disobedience. He used the Babylonian Empire to perform His judgment. However, He tells them that He will return them to the land after seventy years:

Here again God states that He is the one who caused the Jews to be carried away to Babylon and He will be the one to cause them to return to Israel. Jesus told the Jews that their Temple would be destroyed and their house left desolate. In 70 A.D. the Romans did destroy the Temple and in 135 A.D. they put down a Jewish uprising and dispersed the Jews throughout the Roman Empire. However, in the book of the prophet Amos God promised that one day He would bring the Jews back to the land forever:

God states that He is always watching Israel:

Since God emphasizes throughout His word that He is always interested in what is going on in the land of Israel and that He determines when the Jews live in the land, I have to believe that on May 14, 1948 God fulfilled His promise to bring the Jews back to the land forever. They were dispersed throughout the world for 1800 years yet they maintained their Jewish identity. One would have to be blind not to see the hand of God in the rebirth of the modern state of Israel.

I have a book titled "Palestine" that was printed in the 1920's. It is a photo album of various places around Israel. The images show "Palestine" to be a desolate wasteland of barren, rock-strewn fields and a treeless countryside. When I visited Israel, 38 years after the Jews created their state, I saw some of the most beautiful land I've ever seen. The Jews had reclaimed the land and turned it into a green, lush, fruitful country.

That the Jews have had a presence in Israel for over 30 centuries is a fact of archaeology. The archaeological excavations in Israel have confirmed Jewish habitation in the land dating back to at least 1000 B.C. To deny this, as many Arab and non-Arab people do, is to ignore the science of archaeology.

It is interesting that the Jewish/Christian Bible mentions Jerusalem hundreds of times yet the Islamic Quran does not mention it even once.

There are multitudes of Christians who support the right of the Jews to dwell in the land of Israel. I believe that the day America turns its back on the Jewish state of Israel will be the day that God turns His back on America.

Finally, let me say that my support for the Jews' Biblical right to the land of Israel does not include the endorsement of the heretical doctrine of the Two or Dual Covenant teaching to which some Christian organizations subscribe.

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