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Thumbnail Caesarea
81 Caesarea
Thumbnail Caesarea
82 Caesarea
Thumbnail Caesarea Mediterranean Sea
83 Caesarea Mediterranean
Thumbnail Caesarea Mediterranean Sea
84 Caesarea Mediterranean
Thumbnail Caesarea
85 Caesarea
Thumbnail Caesarea
86 Caesarea
Thumbnail Caesarea
87 Caesarea
Thumbnail Caesarea
88 Caesarea
Thumbnail Caesarea
89 Caesarea
Thumbnail 1948 War Wreckage
90 1948 War Wreckage
Thumbnail Road to Jerusalem
91 Road to Jerusalem
Thumbnail Jerusalem City Limits Sign
92 Jerusalem City Limits Sign
Thumbnail Herodium on the road to Bethlehem
93 Herodium
Thumbnail Bethlehem Tourist Store
94 Bethlehem Tourist Store
Thumbnail First Look at the Walls of Jerusalem
95 Walls of Jerusalem
Thumbnail Jerusalem
96 Jerusalem
Thumbnail Garden Tomb Entrance
97 Garden Tomb Entrance
Thumbnail Jerusalem Garden Tomb
98 Jerusalem Garden Tomb
Thumbnail Jerusalem Golgotha
99 Jerusalem Golgotha
Thumbnail Garden Tomb Scripture Sign
100 Garden Tomb Sign
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